HIV and AIDS still poses a substantial threat to Uganda’s socio-economic development, imposing a heavy burden on individuals, families, communities and the nation. The recent global goal of ending AIDS by 2030 calls for acceleration of efforts to combat the epidemic. To roll out this goal in Uganda, I in collaboration with key stakeholders in the country launched the Presidential Fast Track initiative to Ending HIV and AIDS as a Public Health Threat by 2030, on 6th June 2017.

All sectors will therefore have to engage in a process of mainstreaming HIV and AIDS for a multi-sectoral action to scale up AIDS responses, as a means to achieving the objectives of the Presidential Fast Track initiative. Effective AIDS responsesare premised on strong interactive links between national development instruments and National Action Frameworks for HIV and AIDS and sector plans. This approach provides a sound basis for Uganda to achieve the interrelated targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Uganda AIDS Commission (UAC) was established under the Office of the President by statute of parliament in 1992 to coordinate the multi-sectoral response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

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